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French luxury group Herm s International SCA (HRMS.PA) Hermes H bracelet international today announced the appointment of the 36 year old designer Nad Ge Vanhee-Cybulski brand women's art director.
Although the French luxury group Herm s International SCA (HRMS.PA) Christophe Lemaire as hermes h belts international in its namesake brand focus on personal career development and resigned from the post after the artistic director of brand ladies did not disclose his successor, but according to one of the favourites for the WWD news that the market is Nad Ge Vanhee.
Nad Ge Vanhee started his career in the Belgian luxury leather goods brand Delvaux, then switch to the Maison Martin Margiela, women's design director C line has also served as senior designer and The Row. Herm s is the fastest possible hermes h belt announced the latest appointment within this week.
As for Christophe Lemaire, he will leave after the release of a new series of the last Herm s hermes belt of Paris fashion week in October. Before joining the Herm s Jean Paul Gaultier to replace the former hermes bracelet replica. he has served as a creative director for 9 years Lacoste. Christophe Lemaire said in a statement and Herm s hermes bracelet very pleasant cooperation, the establishment of the both sides of the accomplishments made him feel proud, but "my personal brand is in the growth stage of important, at present I want development also need to fully put into brand."
Herm s International SCA (HRMS.PA) hermes belts international chief executive Axel Dumas thanks to Christophe Lemaire for their contributions, he noted that in Christophe Lemaire the art of leadership, not only brand aesthetics get new promotion, but also create a very satisfactory financial results